By Sirch

The tempter intricately placed embellishments along the way
Hiding pitfalls, seducing, luring his prey.
How could mine eyes have been deceived
Failing to notice, so great my desire to believe.

Soft cords bind, constrain me from head to toe
The taste of venom dulling senses, I know.
Wicked, masterful, mindful of detail
He watches from afar; my face begins to pale.

Toying with his victim, causing adrenaline to course
Preparing my blood, to nourish with no remorse.
A flash of a smile reveals glistening fangs
Once I viewed as gorgeous. Now my head hangs.

At last, movement returns. My heart pounds with fear.
I struggle with my bonds knowing the end is near.
Tuned in with my heart’s rhythm, he makes no retreat
Instead, rushes forth to consume… and now there is no beat.

Chris Edward Gardner
Copyright ©2006 Chris Edward Gardner

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