Behind The Blinds

Behind the Blinds

By Sirch

Behind the Blinds no one sees – the innermost – part of me
Carefully hidden out of view, no one knows of me or you.
Forsaken thoughts; of passions fire, breathless whispers, carnal desire,
Sleepless nights spent alone pacing the floor made of stone.

Behind the blinds the room is dark to masque my tortured, twisted heart.
Contorted, stretched beyond intent, it beats a rhythm never meant.
Fighting thoughts to end it all, Silent Scream, do you hear my call?
I hear the darkness beckon me, “Come this way, I’ll set you free”.

Behind the blinds I resist this fall with all my strength and resolve.
Not to go to parts unknown, depths too deep, can I evolve?
I’m on a ledge; the need to leap, to not hold on this wall so steep,
Top too high… afraid to reach. Where to hold on? Oh, master teach!

From Behind the Blinds I see a courtyard, leads to your room, it’s not too far.
Dare I leave my tomb and slip beyond… the boundary, escape my bonds?
Slipping out, I risk defeat to meet you, Ah, your scent is sweet!
Words so soft, kind and light you try to rid me of my blight.

From Behind your Blinds, your room; well lit, warm, inviting, your touch is bliss!
Eager hands touching every part. You leave nothing out, not even your heart.
Your eyes – you hide behind passions flame – too hurt to risk anymore blame.
I caress your inner thigh, moist my lips, you utter a sigh.

From Behind Your Blinds, we become one. Intent not to stop, until all is done.
You whisper love stories in my ears. We cry for release, our eyes fill with tears.
Our passion, nearing its end, propels us forward, rushing to send
Us over the edge of a different kind …of; spirit, soul, body… mind.

From Behind Your Blinds, I’m in your arms bathed in love, safe from harm.
Tenderly, I stroke my lover. Awakening again, under the cover,
A torrential force envelopes us, both. Accepting my love, our hearts, we betroth.
I step from behind the masque of my mind, reach for your hand… and leave troubles behind.


Chris Edward Gardner
Copyright ©2006 Chris Edward Gardner

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