A Cold Loss

A Cold Loss

By Mentalytitc

this is my world get out
this is my world these are my shouts
this is my world cant you see
this is my world please let me be
you cant be here you dont understand
please leave before death’s at your hands
this is my world, a world of hate
this is my world, here, nothing is great
get out get out while you still have a chance
please listen only I can understand
this is a world that will destory your dreams
oh god please you have to listen to me
this is where all of your hate comes true
you have to watch out because here life comes for you
its not here to show you peace and love
its here to show you hell and whats not above
run run as fast as you can
here comes life with death at its hands
i told you not to come here
you didnt listen to me
now your’re laying there dead
forever a memory….
i hate my world cant you see?
life why wont you just kill me
so in my world there i stand
nothing left, but a gun in my hand
life wouldnt kill me that i could see
so i’ll take my own life
it never meant shit to me
since nothing in me or my world would melt
that night with the gun it’ll show how i felt

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