“Vampire Poetry”

A life in darkness can be one of lonliness and despair. Or…it can be a life of great joy and promise. A life of eternal love. A life of collected wisdom and insightful philosophies. A life of late night parties and erotic exchanges. Or a life of madness, death, and murder. Whatever your take is on a world without sunlight, if your pen is demanding that you speak…then by all means, great poet…SPEAK!

All poems submitted will be posted right here in The GFD: Blood Bank, including Comicality’s!!! Just make sure to send your work to submissions@gfdbloodbank.com and include the name you wish to be credited for the work! (Your name, or your desired “Pen” name)



Solitude   By Aelf

Happy Thoughts   By Infinity

Inside My Head   By Mentalytitc

A Cold Loss   By Mentalytitc

A Vampire’s Dark Refrain   By Mischief

Reality?   By Mischief

The Call of the Waiting   By Myron K.

Oh, Lover… My Element   By Sirch

Sorrowful One   By Sirch

Eve   By Sirch

Behind the Blinds   By Sirch

Forever Be   By Sirch

Once I Awake   By Comicality