“Gone From Daylight”

Emotional Vortex– Rage has the ability to uncover and expose the weaknesses and suffering of others, and pull it into himself like a vacuum. As almost all vampire extras are so closely linked to the person’s emotional state and personality traits they possess when born into darkness, any vampire holding on to past pains or regrets from their former lives will be extremely susceptible to the vortex’s power. Supplying Rage with their deepest thoughts, fears, and their most personal hidden abilities. Because of this, Rage’s extra is very similar to that of a vampire Mimic, except that he can only absorb a vampire’s gifts through direct ‘exposure’ of their pain, often caused by violence. Engaging others in combat is his way of stealing what he needs to grow stronger…feeding off of their anger and hysteria as the battle continues, and disposing of them once he has what he wants.

“HATE! I’m full of hate and I Love it! I HATE PEOPLE and they better fucking fear me if they know what’s good for em!” -Journal Entry, Eric Harris (Shooter In The Columbine Massacre)

What would a potentially ‘god-like’ main character like Justin be without a truly formidable opponent to challenge him? How could anyone possibly be a match for the ‘chosen one’, when the vampire scriptures have clearly defined him as the inevitable victor?

As fate weaves its intricate plan and sets the stage for the ultimate conflict, it seems to have declared ‘Rage’ as the answer to that question.

Acting as a whirling tantrum of destruction and pain, Rage has immersed himself in a level of darkness from which there is no escape. Where others have struggled through hardship to face and defeat their demons, Rage has come to embrace his. Using their negative energy to gain advantage over anyone who stands in his way. In hismind, anything strong enough to completely break his spirit and crush him without mercy as a child…MUST be a power worth owning for himself and bending towards his will. He has given up on fighting against the madness, instead giving himself over to it and letting it have free reign over his every emotion. His suffering continues, and he only gets stronger from it.

The most intriguing part of Rage’s character is that he is not just what Justin could’ve’ been…he’s, technically, what Justin SHOULD’VEbeen. Had Justin been completely ‘broken’ by his father’s abuse and the hopelessness surrounding his former life, he could have just as easily taken Rage’s perspective and become a murderous angel of darkness himself. But instead of lashing outward, he learned to fight for his humanity instead. An inner conflict that Rage sees as a waste and a weakness.

Experiencing his own suffering at the hands of his stepfather, growing up in a sexually abusive household, Rage has developed his own methods of blocking out the pain. Methods that include thrusting that pain onto the shoulders of others instead. Torturing them in an attempt to free himself from the horror of dealing with it on his own. Making ‘them’ feel it for him. In some backwards frame of mind, he is convinced that their agony can somehow silence the angry voices in his own heart and mind. And of course, this isn’t true, even if he’s too blind to see it. Helpless to protect himself in his human life, Rage eventually stopped trying to fight off the sexual abuse, and instead forced himself to put his mind elsewhere while the repeated violations were taking place. Over time, this created a severe dissosciative disorder, separating him from his former identity of self. A whole other imagined personality that was in a place of fantasy, far far away from the place where he was being hurt. A place void of pain and fear. One where HE was in control. This disorder manifested itself into a verypowerful extra once he crossed over into darkness. Now the suppressed anger and the self hatred has given him the ability to be the one doing the ‘hurting’. Now HE is the one in power. And by taking on the suffering of others and using it for his own purposes, he believes that he can maintain that status…indefinitely.

A deadly mistake to make would be to simply assume that Rage is insane. He’s not. In fact, in his mind, his motivations are quite rational indeed. He’s not unaware of the pain he causes or the blood he’s shed. He revels in it. And with Justin being the only opponent worthy of giving him the kind of fight that he’s been looking for among the ‘worthless’ others he’s been facing off against…he will never stop seeking the ultimate thrill of conquering the ONE thing in darkness that could ever possibly be stronger than he is. Both boys have lived with the pain of being helpless under the tyranny and violent oppression of someone bigger and stronger than they were, and they both refuse to let it back them into a corner ever again. They could conceivably clash over and over again until the end of TIME, but won’t stop until they feel the ‘superior’ threat has been sufficiently beaten. They simply can’t allow one another to exist in a place of power over them. It’s a personal flaw that they both wrestle with, whether they realize it or not.

While Justin may seem invincible, he’s NOT invincible. Rage knows this. Because as long as Justin has friends and loved ones that he cares about, as long as he has inner conflicts within himself, he will always be vulnerable. A wounded animal when compared to someone like Rage, who has abandoned all sense of morality and has allowed his brutality to just rule over him without any restriction whatsoever. Void of empathy, Rage is almost insulted that a boy, blessed with such an infinite potential for near divine power, would discard the opportunity for something as weak, as pathetic, and as pointless, as love. Love is fragile. Love provides no real ‘protection’ from the true horrors of the world, and so Rage has no further use for it. To him, he knows that if HE had Justin’s abilities…it would be the ultimate endgame for the rest of humanity. He’d be unstoppable. He’d finally win the prize for being at the very top of the food chain. And that’s just the reward he’s been waiting for throughout his damaged childhood.

Rage’s biggest flaw is his failure to limit or govern his anger. His wrath is blind, and he is constantly losing more of his ability to control it. It makes him reckless as well as arrogant. For now, as long as he is the most powerful entity in the room, he has no need to really worry about his hot headed tantrums spiraling out of control. But faced with a rationally thinking opponent, his unrestricted fury isn’t enough to break down his enemies. He becomes more selfdestructive than dangerous to others when his unstable emotions get the best of him.

But as I said before, there have been no consequences for his actions severe enough to make that much of a weakness at all in his eyes. Rage assumes that his soul is dead. Gone. Beyond salvation. Because of that, he thinks that he has no more use for it, and has become careless with the very concept of it. He has tricked himself into actually believing that finding the one he’s searching for and exacting his revenge will finally put his tortured soul to rest.

Little does he know, if he succeeds…the fires inside will burn hotter than ever before. Trapping him in a prison of his own madness for the rest of eternity.

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  1. It doesn’t seem that the author is inclined to save Rage; if he becomes the cannibal of his own brother, in addition to eternal madness this will ignite a real process of slow SELF COMBUSTION in his body. Yet, Rage has managed to see and partially share the “inner” Justin during the last battle; might this be an open window to a different outcome ? The problem is, he didn’t kill just Dylan, but also the brother of the skateboard gang leader and left Khyeran’s boyfriend horribly wounded, 3 new perspective friends for Justin he might never get if things stay as they are. Still, no one has seen Dylan actually dying and the skateboard chapter could be easily updated replacing “death” with “horribly wounded”. All wounds can finally heal up in the vampire world, especially if the most powerful healing power is found in the most unsuspected character.

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