“Gone From Daylight”

Mental Disruption – While it is unknown for surewhether this ability is a conscious or unconscious defense mechanism for Kid…it is ‘believed’ that he can perform the act of mental disruption at will. At first, it was only used as a block to keep others from reading his thoughts. A loud mental static that would impair any vampire’s ability to scan his mind against his will. Even ‘readers’ with the enhanced ability to do so. However, it appears that he can also use this extra as an offensive weapon as well. Sending the mental static outward into the thoughts of anyone he sees as an immediate threat. This brain ruckus has been known to be so strong at full blast, that most vampires find themselves dropping to their knees in pain from the effects. It can also be used to interrupt a vampire’s focus to the point where their own personal extras are immediately rendered useless. So far, Kid is the only member of the lot who has learned to master this particular technique, and at the present time, there is no known defense against its damaging (although temporary) effects.

“Silence is the universal refuge…” –Henry David Thoreau

While Kid may be the most innocent looking and non-threatening member of the lot…his back-story is quite possibly the most horrific. Most violent. And most traumatic. When compared to the others, only Justin’s past comes close to having as much turmoil and tragedy in it as Kid’s does. Surprising, considering his age.

Crossing over at only 11 years old, the silent boy, known only as ‘Kid’ to the rest of his vampire family, has remained the most mysterious and least understood of all of Bryson’s tenants. But that’s not for a lack of trying. Kid hides himself well from prying eyes and inquiring minds. And even those with the best of intentions will find themselves locked out of his life entirely with no hope to ever gain access. He refuses to let them in. Never budging an inch in either direction. It’s not that he doesn’t crave affection and love like everyone else, but he has become so detached from the concept of trust that he deems anything even remotely intimate or emotionally ‘connected’ to be something to avoid and possibly even fear. No matter where it’s coming from.

Due to an extremely turbulent past and a traumatic crossover into darkness, Kid has willingly rendered himself a mute. He hasn’t spoken a single word to anybody in the entire year and a half that he has been at the lot. It is doubtful that he ever will.

Kid was early in his crossover when he came to the lot. Found and ‘adopted’ by Jenna on the streets, Kid’s silence kept everyone guessing as to what to make of their newest addition to the group. They didn’t push him too hard, as Kid fought them every step of the way. It wasn’t until his extra matured, and his mental static began to express itself all on its own without his control, that Bryson suggested taking Kid to see vampires Becca and Char at Tim’s habitat on the outskirts of town to find out more about him so they could help him. Both analysts, skilled in reading a vampire’s past and determining their present condition, both ladies were able to unlock a brief history for the young vampire. One that they could communicate to the others. One…that shocked and infuriated those that had quickly come to care for him most.

Coming from a home of neglectful and abusive parents, Kid was brought up to believe that pain, suffering, misery, and ridicule…was simply a part of love. He honestly believes that his life is incomplete without the turmoil. That a happy and joyous life without severe conflicts and hurt feelings is similar to a dream world. An illusion. Something that he needs to ‘wake up’ from in order for things to make sense again. To him, nothing like that could possibly be real. Because of this, Kid has become extremely suspicious of kind smiles and helpful hands. He doesn’t trust them at all. And there is good reason for that.

With the pain of his home life, there came a time when Kid chose to actually run away from home. A hasty decision. One based on the logic of a child, indeed. But he knew he had to get out of that house. He was reaching his limits on how much he could take. It’s unknown to the others just how long he was able to survive on the city streets on his own…but it’s clear that he was able to do so for a lot longer than most 11 year olds would have been able to. An expert at pick pocketing tourists and using those big, innocent, puppy dog brown eyes of his…Kid was able to maintain quite a decent amount of money for snacks and train rides while he was away from home. A talent that Bryson and the others still use to this day, although sparingly…to avoid trouble and any unwanted attention. They may not approve of it completely, but can’t deny that it works.

After his survival tactics on the street had kept him afloat for a time…Kid was approached by an older gentleman one evening, who saw Kid sleeping on a bench in the park and took an interest in him. He offered him help. Shelter. Food. Running water and television. Happy to have someone willing to take care of him, Kid happily followed him to his car. That…was the end of his humanity.

A vampire looking for a young boy to be his companion in darkness, he took advantage of Kid’s innocence, gave him the bite against his will, and sexually abused him repeatedly during his crossover. It was the last time that Kid ever trusted another smiling face. When Kid awoke early in darkness…something had changed in him. There was a permanent ‘break’ in his perspective of the world, and when he saw his abuser lying in the bed beside him, he took action. He tied the older vampire to the bed, and silently waited hours at the foot of his bed for him to regain consciousness. And then, without another word spoken, he cut the vampire over and over again, watching him bleed out and turn cold, before piercing his heart and leaving him for dead. The same night, Kid went home…found two angry parents who were furious about his running….but when the hitting began, Kid’s parents became his very first donors in darkness. He has never been the same.

Where others in darkness have found various ways to deal with the hardships they faced in their human lives (Justin, Trevor, Rage) either by lashing out or self destructing at some point…Kid has completely shut down. To him, that life no longer exists, and it never did. As far as Kid is concerned, Jenna and Max are his parents. Jenna being the only sensitive and caring embrace that he can believe in, and Max giving him a taste of what he was used to, but with no danger of actual abuse. They are the only two members of the lot that he really aligns himself with. No one else has much of a shot.

Kid’s major flaw is mistaking fear and withdrawal for caution and objectivity. He believes that the whole world is the enemy. An invading force with the intention of hurting him every chance it gets. His armor is so thick that it keeps out the good along with the bad. He’s closed himself off to the very people who are trying to take care of him, and it keeps him alone. Unable to deal with his demons, he’s built a fantasy world, one where his age has regressed to something much younger than his 11 (now 12 and a half) years. He doesn’t share anything with anyone, hardly even himself. He won’t even signal when he’s hungry. Even when asked. It’s gotten to the point where monthly feeding charts have to be kept and updated in order to keep Kid from going into a bloodlust and losing control. Kid may honestly believe that he’s built himself a fortress that will keep him from ever being hurt again. But what he doesn’t realize is that it’s not a fortress, but a prison, that he’s caged himself up in. A silent prison with no walls. One that he can never escape until he begins to let the love of his family in darkness gain access to a heart that he thinks is dead and cold…when it isn’t.

He’s afraid of the world, and afraid of himself. But all the light he’ll ever need is surrounding him at all times. If only he could recognize it for what it truly is, he might find himself again. And share that wonderful persona with those he loves.

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