“Gone From Daylight”

Emotional Vibration Detection – While Jeremy mostly uses his extra for small and mundane tasks, not even bothering to practice all that much with it unless absolutely necessary…Jeremy’s special ability is quite powerful indeed. At the lowest levels, he can easily detect the subtle ‘signature’ left behind by another person or vampire at will. If they’ve been in a certain spot and had any emotional output whatsoever, Jeremy can pick up on that left over vibration, and track it back to its source. This would allow him to find and follow anyone who’s signature he recognized…indefinitely. And in some cases, if the emotional output was strong enough, he has been able to reflect the energy back to its target, and create what he calls an ‘aura line’. It is an unbreakable string between past and current actions, and Jeremy has been known to even use this process to predict future actions as well. However, the real magic in his gift comes from his ability to strengthen those vibrations at will. He may use it to make the connection between the source and its trail more clear and easier to see. Or he can increase the vibrations to a degree where it has a strong physical effect on a chosen target. And at only halfof its full potential, Jeremy can cause someone to shake and tremble hard enough to easily cause a great amount of physical damage. Lucky for them, Jeremy isn’t much of a fighter. Because, if provoked…if ever pushed too far…Jeremy could quite possibly be one of the most dangerous vampires of all.

“The scariest thing about distance is that you don’t know whether they’ll miss you or forget you.” – Nicholas Sparks




These might all be words that vampires use to describe the well known ‘blood dealer’, Jeremy. But his clientele of customers would be way off with that assumption. Jeremy’s distant attitude and standoffish comments are more a defensethan an offense, and they always have been. Surrendering himself to the collection of sales receipts and brief transactions needed to maintain his business, Jeremy taught himself to find comfort in the predictability and consistent behavior of numbers, over the much more unforgiving threat of human interaction. This pursuit of his is a weakness, not a strength. A fact that he refuses to believe, as anything else calls for him to be more ‘open’ than what he is normally comfortable with. So he surrounds himself with paperwork, night after night…two pet wolves, Torsten and Grimm, and a freezer full of frozen corpses. Things that are static. Dependable. That don’t ask him for anything and don’t demand any sort of emotional involvement on his part. However, while he may crave that isolation and prefer it to being too close with anyone else…he is well aware of the loneliness that comes with it. It’s simply an issue that he hasn’t learned to fully deal with yet. And with the razor sharp wit of his tongue, he doesn’t really have to. Keeping people at arm’s length is an art that he’s mastered well during his many years in darkness. Any time he wants space, he can have it.

Growing up in a quiet Southwest suburb of Chicago, Jeremy’s life took a very dark turn shortly after his 16th birthday. It was then that both of his parents mysteriously disappeared…their vehicle found at the bottom of a small lake many miles from home. No sign of them was ever found, but to this day, Jeremy suspects that they may have fallen prey to the very vampire menace that he serves. Quite possibly cleaned up and disposed of by whatever slaghunter patrol was working that particular area at the time.

Devastated by this tragedy, it is assumed that this is Jeremy’s motivation for getting into the blood dealing business so soon after his crossover. Trying to keep vampires fed in some odd attempt to perhaps save a few more human lives from their insatiable thirst. Wondering if his parents might have made it home safely that night, had those hungry creatures had a sufficient meal before choosing themto feast upon instead.

Jeremy fights to remain detached from his emotions. Always afraid to feel too deeply, lest it brings back the pain and nightmares that he felt before.

However, it was this detachment and dispassionate approach that made him VERY good at his job. His head for numbers and careful eye for detail, coupled with his personal extra and somewhat abrasive charm, Jeremy has learned to market his goods to any and every vampire that comes by to see him. Knowledgeable of his product, his hidden blood shack turns quite a profit at all times. And yet, blood dealing can be a very dangerous business. Vampires attempt to steal from him, try to escape with outstanding debts, competitors try to put him out of business, and all of them have the potential to bring violence to his doorstep. Not to mention that he often has to deal with vampires that are on the very edge of a blood lust…making them highly unpredictable and extremely dangerous. Invite them in, make the sale as quickly as possible, and get them out again. That’s his mission. Anything lingering on for too long might end up being deadly. This unfeeling business persona of his has only given him more comfort when submerged in his work. Blood dealing allows him to be cold hearted, even when he knows that it’s not who he really is.

It is suspected that Jeremy has had to do some very unpleasant things in order to keep his customers from taking advantage of him and keep his business running. He’s hurt people. Perhaps even worse. He’s committed unspeakable acts in his past that cause him to emotionally withdraw even further into his shell from others when they’re around. There was a slightly extended period of time when Jeremy had a mutually ‘useful’ fling with Trevor from the lot. Both boys had a certain common background. Trevor had lost his parents at a young age as well, and was just as emotionally guarded as Jeremy was. They shared a very intense sexual relationship, and took comfort in knowing that either one of them can experience the passion and the fever, but could easily shut it off once it was over. Walking away with no further expectation. For Jeremy, it was a dream come true.

For Trevor, it was not.

Over time, Jeremy’s cold shoulder and distant attitude became deeply unsatisfying for Trevor. And he began looking for something more. Something that Jeremy might have temporarily found hurtful…but as with everything else, retreating from the issue and getting back to business proved to be no real challenge for Jeremy at all. For him…it was considered a risk free homecoming of sorts. Less pressure.

Jeremy’s biggest flaw is that he has become so skillful, perfecting the art of hiding himself behind an impenetrable wall of playfully wicked smirks and smart aleck remarks…that he could very well go on this way for the rest of his days. He’s actually found a great deal of comfort in simply not trying to ‘connect’ anymore. But it’snota comfort. It’s a psychosis. One that he has no incentive to break any time soon, because no one ever gets close enough to him to see what lies beneath that hardcore outer exterior before. Therefore, he never gets any proof to tell him that ‘who he is’ as a person is good enough. MORE so! He never takes the chance. It ends up being a vicious circle that feeds on itself without any end in sight. He’s been putting so much energy into the deception, that it would be harder to stop hiding than it would be to let it all out and go on. And that’s a shame. Because what he really wants is right there within his reach. It’s getting him to reach for it that’s the problem.



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