GFD: E & E Forever (Complete)


“GFD: E & E Forever”

I had been sitting right by his side for so very long. It seems like it’s been years…but in all honesty it has only been a little over three weeks.

This is a very delicate process, waiting for your vampire childe to complete its crossover. You have to watch him constantly for any problems or unpredictable changes. You have to be there to turn them in their sleep occasionally to prevent bedsores and bruises. You have to keep them in a survivable warm climate, a highly sunproofed habitat, and monitor their temperature on a nightly basis. Sometimes the body temperature drops to dangerous levels, and you have to find ways to warm them up again. Sometimes they reach fevers that would cause their body to stroke and shut down if you′re not careful…and you have to find ways to cool them off again. Much like a mother hen watching over a set of incubating eggs…it’s a vampire sire’s duty to love and protect their childe at all costs. A job that I was happy to involve myself in this time. I’ve heard of these ‘vampire nanny’ types that are able to come by and watch your childe for you while they sleep. But this wasn’t just some random boy that I had bitten for companionship in the dark years ahead. This was my baby. The reason my heart has a reason to beat at all. And nobody else was ever going to be good enough to watch over my sweetheart while he sleeps. Nobody but me.

I haven’t been out much in the last two weeks, only once to feed. And even then, I rushed right back to make sure he was alright. I have to admit to going a bit stir crazy in here in the meanwhile. It feels like the walls get smaller and smaller with each passing day. It is only the beauty of the boy laying beside me that keeps me sane. Strong. And, most of all, patient.

I ran my fingertips through the locks of his medium length, light brown, hair…still slightly damp from the sweats and shivers that he had been experiencing during his transformation. I stayed with him through the nightly seizures, the merciless cramps, and the bone snapping convulsions. Sometimes, my baby wakes up briefly from his sleep…eyes wide open, but they cannot see. Crying out in a silent scream as the poor boy experiences what it’s like to have his body die and be reborn, time and time again. Hollowing itself out with every minor resurrection. It’s never a pleasant journey. Not for any of us. And much worse if you were unlucky enough to go through it alone. With Noc Dealers on the streets treating it as a ‘business’ these days, there’s no reason for many of them to have much of a bedside manner for their clients. But for those of us who are in love…TRULY in love…the agonizing transition between life and death was meant to be shared between sire and childe. Even if it is, at times, a painful thing to watch your loved one go through.

The first few awakenings…he won’t remember at all. Nightmares full of agony that his mind can neither comprehend or defend against, as it becomes overwhelmed with shock and horror. But the awakenings he experienced over the last few days…will stay in his memory forever. It is a level of pain that cannot be explained with words alone. It is simply incomprehensible to anyone who hasn’t gone through it themselves. And even though he may not feel me holding his hand and kissing his forehead during these harsh times…I hope he realizes that I am close by. I am there to keep him safe. Throughout his entire transformation…I dutifully remain at his side, anxiously kissing his lips and staying ready for any mishaps while he sleeps. Because I know that my sweet prince will be waking from his crossover soon. And we’ll finally be together…at long last.

I can’t wait to see those magical dark blue eyes open again. I can’t wait to bear witness to his first smile in darkness. I wanted to be the first and only person he sees when he comes to. I wanted to be there…to introduce him to this whole new world that I am ready and willing to provide for him. It truly is almost like having a child of your own. Wanting to teach him and watch him grow. Seeing him hunt. Watch his beauty illuminated by the light of the full moon. I couldn’t wait to find out what his extra might be. A weapon, perhaps? Maybe something defensive? Maybe even something…sensual. All I knew is that he had an amazing heart, and whatever abilities the fates had chosen for him to have…they were going to be something just as special and unique as the glory of his boyish smile. I was sure of it.

Again, I reached out to stroke his cheek with my hands. His skin was soooo smooth. So soft. To think…it would remain this way forever. Mind-blowing.

Erin and I only made love one time. The night that I delivered my eternal gift to him. We talked about it all the time, and he wanted to keep his body pure for his crossover. A virgin for all eternity, no many how many times we were together. That was something that I was willing to respect…but it was hard. Sooooo hard. Because I wanted him with every fiber of my being. Erin was gorgeous. In body, mind, and spirit. You could hear the smile in his voice when he spoke. You could feel the warmth of his love in his embrace. And even the most subtle of compliments would inspire a blush in him that would melt your heart from the inside out. I can’t believe that this amazing creature…a human so beautiful…would trade in the light of the Sun, itself, just to be with me. I never felt that I was capable of deserving such an honor. But the last night that he spent with me as a being of daylight, we caved into our passions…and we joined together as one. I never would have allowed myself to believe that, after so many losses, so many hard times, so many unimaginable heartbreaks…that an angel like Erin would come my way, and bring such an alluring light to this dismal world of darkness. And yet, there he is. Sleeping peacefully beside me as he awaits for his time to rise again. And I was so happy that it sometimes brought tears to my eyes.

I ran my finger across his sweet, seductive, lips…and I smiled. I can’t control myself any longer. I lean forward to kiss him tenderly. An expression of love that couldn’t hold itself in line for a moment longer. But it is then…with that single golden kiss…that I get my surprise.

It begins with a soft motion at first. Almost undetectable. And then a gentle suction is added as his lips become warm again, less stiff. My heart races as I begin to feel his breath blowing softly against my cheek, hearing a gentle moan emanate from the back of his sore throat. Startled, I break the kiss, and I look down at my lover with my eyes wide…and I smile as I see him slowly raise both of his arms up to stretch his sleek and tender body out after such an extended nap.

The excitement is almost too much for me to contain. I feel the butterflies in my stomach go insane as his pretty eyes slowly flutter open, and gaze upon me for the first time in weeks. Sleepily, Erin gives me an angelic smile, and I begin to swoon so hard that I am nearly suffocated by the breathless sight of his grin.

“Baby…?” He says, his voice still a bit hoarse as it tries to work his throat muscles again with some kind of voluntary control. Erin continues to stretch, his coordination slightly off, his muscles still a bit worn out…but he seems to be ‘cracking’ and ‘popping’ his joints back into place. It’s cute the way he does that. “Mmmmm…hurts a little…” He hummed into the pillow as he rolled over onto his stomach.

So amazed at seeing him in motion again, I’m almost too enchanted to speak. “Yeah…I know. The crossover is difficult, and it hurts for a day or two, but soon…you’ll be good as new.” I whispered, knowing that his ears would still be quite sensitive. As would his eyes. His mind has never operated on this level before. The input has always been dulled and dumbed down in comparison to the vast amounts of information his vampire senses were sure to take in now. It’s always best to break them in to this world of darkness steadily…but not too quickly. He’ll have to know how to function a lot sooner than later, but it can be a painful learning process, from what I remember.

He tried to loosen himself up some, and then he smiled at me again as I laid back down beside him. “Did it work?” He asked. “Am I…like you now?” I nodded with a grin in resonse. “Forever and ever?”

“Forever and ever.” I replied, and kissed him softly on the cheek, making him giggle.

“Owww…it hurts to laugh.” He said.

“Your body still has to heal. It’s been through a lot the past three and a half weeks.”

“Wow…have I really been asleep that long?” He smirked, and then ran his fingers over the deep grooves in his neck, where my violent bite was still a bit fresh. “Ungh…Elias…you bit me so hard.”

“Have you ever heard of anyone being bitten softly?”

“Softer than THAT, yes! Hehehe! Owww…” He held his stomach and rolled over onto his side as a muscular cramp shot through his abdomen.

I cuddled up next to him, and kissed him gently on the forehead, my fingers still petting the soft locks of his hair. “Just rest for a while, ok? Don’t try to talk too much.”

“Is this your way of shutting me up?”

I grinned. “Well…I could think of much better ways, but I hardly think you’re ready for all of that just yet. Hehehe!” Erin tried not to cramp himself up any further, but couldn’t help but chuckle a bit anyway. And then he craned his neck up and kissed me sweetly on the lips. I took a great deal of joy in that tender moment, but before I could even open my mouth to say anything else…I felt his head droop down to lay on my shoulder. Erin had suddenly passed out from exhaustion in my arms, and was immediately sucked right back into a peaceful slumber. Heh…vampire children…they are so much like babies at this stage.

I held him close, and although I couldn’t drift off to sleep with him…I lost myself in his touch just the same.

It was 6 hours later when he opened his eyes again, and found me still holding him in one arm, reading a book in the other. “Omigod…I’m sorry. Hehehe! Did I fall asleep again?”

“Well, you were up for ALMOST a whole three minutes there, so I guess I can’t complain.” I said. “Feeling better?”

“MUCH better! Ugh…at least my body isn’t as sore as it was before.” He said, rubbing his hand over his arms and chest. “Feels all ‘tingly’. Hehehe!”

“That’s just your body getting used to itself all over again. Your senses are heightened. Really heightened. That includes touch too.” I ran a finger across his bare chest, and his stomach caved in on itself as he gasped from the sensation. “Omigod, that feels good! You always know how to touch me in just the right way, hehehe!” He snuggled up close to me again, and suddenly his eyes widened. “Elias!!! Oh GEEZ, did they work??? Did they???” He said, nearly bouncing himself right out of my arms.

“Why, Erin…whatever are you talking about?” I teased.

“Noooooo!!!! Don’t do that! Come on!” He whined playfully. I thought he was going to somehow ′damage′ himself through his enthusiasm alone. “Did they work? Tell me! Tell me!”

“Hahaha! Shhh! Careful.″

″Don′t make fun of me. Hehehe, I wanna know if they worked.″ He whimpered.

″Well…″ I said, ″…See for yourself, hon.” I took Erin’s hand in mine, holding both of them outstretched in the dim light. There they were…clear as day. Two eternity bands…small black ones…around each of our ring fingers. Permanent symbols, melted into our flesh for the rest of our days. The mark of a vampire born out of true love, and true love only. An intricate design that wrapped all the way around our fingers twice. Its maker was one of the finest eternity band crafters in the city. He definitely lived up to his reputation.

Erin’s eyes teared up, and he leaned forward to tenderly rub noses with me as he grinned and stared back at his finger again. “So, this is it. This is like…ours forever now.” He looked deep into my eyes, and kissed me on the lips. “I love you, Elias.”

“I love you too, baby.”

It was shortly after a few more sweet kisses that Erin looked around at his surroundings. Slightly puzzled as to where we were, with such dim lighting and low ceilings. Looking more like a dingy old crawlspace than the wide open spot I had taken him to in order to deliver the transformative bite. “Where are we?” He asked, and I suddenly realized that I had forgotten the time. At that moment, there was a rumbling in the distance, and it was growing stronger and stronger by the second. Shit. Too late to offer a decent explanation now.

“Cover your ears…” I said, sternly, but quietly, so as not to startle him too much.

“What? Why?” And then the whole WORLD seemed to start shaking as the thunderous sounds outside rattled our tiny space and nearly deafened poor Erin in an instant. He held both sides of his head, a splitting headache ripping through him as the roar of an engine boomed up above us! Luckily…it only lasted a little over a few seconds, and I had to take Erin into my arms to calm him down, hoping that the sudden burst of noise wouldn’t cause him too much pain. He was still so sensitive. “What the HECK was that???” Even in pain, my baby never utters a single swear word. One of the many adorable parts of his character.

“Hehehe, I’m sorry babe. I completely lost track of the time. I didn’t know.” I kissed him again and again, apologizing for letting that happen ‘unannounced’. He was so confused. “We’re in a small space underneath the airport. A little used runway to be exact. I know a guy, and he lets me stay here. The planes usually stop running after about 10 PM over here anyway. So I sleep through most of the activity. Hehehe…still, it would have been nice to warn you ahead of time.”

He did give me a shove for the mistake, but I was quick to wrap my arms around his slim waist and kiss him all over his face until he laughed out loud, unable to pry me off of him. We tussled back and forth for a minute, and eventually, Erin just surrendered to the love I was giving him. Practically turning to a lump of warm butter in my arms. Then…he said those few words that every vampire says when they first wake up from their crossover…

“I wanna go outside!”

I took him out to the very edge of the airport runways by the fence, where there was a small park area, just outside of a rather large forest preserve. Heh…seeing Erin’s face the first time, illuminated with the lights surrounding us, just as he saw the night sky with a new set of eyes, it was just about the most awe inspiring sensation that I had ever felt on this Earth. His eyes lit up, and his smile spread out so wide that it looked almost painful. He literally gasped at some of the things he saw…now bearing witness to the world with unrestricted clarity.

“Look at the stars, Elias…” He said softly. “I ever knew there were so many stars.”

It seemed almost a shame to want to disturb his exploration of everything around him. But after just a few moments of childlike wonder…Erin turned to look for me, and held out his hand to beckon me closer. All this beauty, and he still yearns to have me, alone, by his side to share it with him.

I took a hold of his hand, and he hugged me around the middle, resting his head on my shoulder. “It’s amazing, Elias. It’s soooooo amazing. Just like you said it would be.”

I kissed the top of his head, and we sat there in silence, Erin’s soft, hypersensitive, body…trembling slightly in my arms, thrilled with the tingles caused by every gentle breeze of evening wind. He nuzzled himself into the nape my neck. Just for comfort. Lightly rubbing his nose and lips over the surface of my skin.

“Mmmmm…you smell good.” He moaned.

“Hehehehe, tease.” I giggled.

“Not anymore.” He grinned. I don’t think I had ever had a faster growing erection than I did at that particular moment. It was so hard that it literally took extra muscle from my knees and stomach just to support it. God…I had waited soooo long to feel his touch again. And when he moved his hand down to rub the front of my pants, I was struck breathless with desire.

“Oh God…” I whispered. “…Wait…wait, hehehe…before that…” I couldn’t believe that I was stopping him! But I had been planning for this night to be special, and everything had to be perfect for the both of us. “…I wanna give you something.”

“Hehehe, I was getting to that.” He smiled.

“Not THAT!” I said. “Well…I’m gonna give you THAT too, but…turn around.” He gave me a strange look at first, but when I repeated, “Come on, turn around.” He excitedly turned his back to me and bounced on the balls of his feet in anticipation.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out my gift. A thin chain, with a small stone ring on the end of it. I gently put it around his neck, and clasped it together in the back. He turned around with such an amazingly charming smile. You would have thought I had given a 6 year old a brand new bike for Christmas from the sight of it. “This is for me???” He asked.

I nodded. “I can’t really afford much. But, I figured…you know, it would be something cute to get you for your ‘birthday’.”

“Hehehe, it’s not my birthday.”

“It is now. Welcome to the night, cutie pie.” I said, and he quickly leaned forward to give me a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks, Elias. It’s beautiful.”

“It’s a circle.” I said. “An older vampire once told me that the ‘circle’ in our nocturnal culture is a symbol for completion. A symbol of fate finally reaching its destination, and revealing its ultimate purpose. It’s the end of chaos and seemingly random events…eliminating the illusion of chance by finally showing the rest of us its final design. Letting us see the true ‘purpose’ of every event leading up to its creation.” I began to blush, but wanted to continue. “I thought that meeting you was an accident, Erin. I thought…maybe this was going to be some random crush that was either destined to end in heartbreak or fizzle out and be forgotten like so many others I′ve had in the past. Even when I knew it was love, I thought there would be no way for us to ever be together like this. But now? Now that we’ve reached the end of the circle…now that I see the completed design…I know.”

“Know what?” He said, emotion choking him up as he held the small stone ring between his fingers.

“That somehow…we were meant to be together. That all of these random circumstances had a reason after all. And that my whole life has just been…a gradual build up to this very moment. A moment, when I could look my new boyfriend in the eyes, under this brightly starlit sky…and tell him, from the very bottom of my heart and soul, that I love him, through and through. And I always will.”

Erin looked at me for a moment, his bottom lip beginning to quiver ever so slightly…and when he couldn’t take it anymore, he sniffled a few times, and opened his arms to come over and hug me tightly around the neck. Awwww…I didn’t mean to make him CRY, I just…wanted him to know how I really felt about him. Hehehe, he kissed me again and again, soon moving in to hold me close…keeping his head over my shoulder as he tried to secretly dry his tears of joy with the palm of his hand. Never…never, had I known a boy so beautiful.

I think we spent the next hour just holding each other by that runway fence, looking up at the stars, and softly speaking to one another about our hopeful plans for eternity. Erin wiggled and squirmed in his own skin at the thought of us being so happy together. And I was floating on air, just knowing that I was here to keep him safe, and guard that precious heart of his with all I had to give, until the end of time.

Then, as it neared midnight, I smiled at him warmly and told him, “I’ve got another surprise for us tonight.”

He buried his face in my chest with a nervous giggle, hugging me tight. “I don’t think my heart can handle any more surprises.” He said, muffled by the fabric of my shirt.

“You’ll like it. I promise.” I said, and got up to my feet, offering my hand to bring him with me. He stood up, our eyes connecting with an affectionate gaze, and he kissed my lips. Agreeing to go with an eager nod.

It was hard to keep him from asking a billion questions as we made our way to my secret destination. Hehehe, he could be so easily pleased by everything that I did. Erin made me feel so wanted. So interesting. So complete. After living a life that basically made an existence in eternal darkness preferable to anything that I had ever experienced in the so-called ‘real’ world of humanity…his total infatuation with me was beyond refreshing. Every love-starved glance and romantic feeling that I had for him, he seemed to match without effort. I could easily understand why someone would fall so deeply in love with him this way…but me? How could he admire me soooo much? How could he think of me as being so essential? I never knew what could possibly worthy about my own reflection until I saw it in the baby brown eyes of the boy I loved more than light itself. He’s the boy I’ve been waiting my whole life for.

My God…this is all so freaky to me. I′m starting to see the world through new eyes myself at this point.

“Are you gonna tell me where we’re going or what? Hehehe! What are you doing?” He said with a grin.

“We’re almost there.” I giggled, and he tugged at my arm a few times before laying his head on it again. “Hehehe, just a little bit further, babe. Be patient.”

“Mmmkay…” He pouted playfully, and I leaned over to kiss the top of his head just before coming out of the trees. We traveled down a hill to the parking lot of a decent, out-of-the-way motel, that looked practically empty except for three cars in the lot. Two probably belonging to the night clerks at the front desk. “What’s this?” Erin asked me.

But just then, my friend Jordan showed up and approached us with a knowing smile. “Hey.” I said. Jordan was about 20 years old now, but we had been friends since our junior year of high school. Naturally, he had grown older…and I didn’t. “This is Erin. Erin…this is my friend, Jordan.”

“Wow…nice, Elias.” Jordan grinned. “You were right, he’s gorgeous.” He shook hands with Erin, but Erin’s smile had faded considerably. Becoming artificial and slightly concerned. Jordan looked back at me, “So, you ready to do this, or what?”

“Definitely! We’ll be right out here in the lot.”

“Alright, cool. I’ll be right back.” He said, and walked off to go get us a room.

Erin bit his tongue for a second or two, but a small pout came to his lips, and he peeked over at me. “Elias…I…” He started, searching for the right words. “…I’m not gonna…I mean…I’m not really into…uh…you know…”

At first I was confused, but once I figured out what he was getting at, I burst out laughing. “Hahahahahaha!!! Awwwww, babe! Baby, NO!!! Hahaha!” I had to put a hand on his shoulder to keep from buckling over. The look on his face was so priceless. “Jordan’s not gonna JOIN us, silly! I just needed someone older to rent the hotel room for us because we both look so young. That’s all! Hehehe, omigod, did you think I was gonna suddenly spring a ′threesome′ on you? You looked so shocked!”

He swatted me on the arm, but had to laugh a bit himself, even through an intense blush. “Don’t make FUN of me! It sounded like a set up, that′s all! Hehehe! Jerk!”

“Hahaha, I’m sorry! Really!” I continued to snicker while he hit me a few more times. Finally, I grabbed him by the hips and pulled him to me for a deep kiss on the lips. “I promise…Jordan’s just my friend. And he’s straight anyways. It’s just…you know, a couple of kids getting a hotel room with a credit card? It would have looked bad. Especially since we’re both technically…you know…’missing’ right now. But don’t worry. I don’t wanna share my baby with anybody. Not ever.”

“Me either.” He whispered and kissed me again. We stared into each other’s eyes, holding hands…fingers intertwined so our eternity bands could touch.

″I knew our ′true love′ tattoo thingies would work. I just knew it.″ He said.

″Me too.″ I replied, just as Jordan returned with the key. He sighed to himself, and tossed it to me.

“Why don’t you two get a room?” He grinned.

“We GOT one. Thanks to you.” I told him, and gave him a tight hug around the neck. “Thank you, bud. Thank you for being a friend.”

“Yeah, whatever. Just make sure you burn those sheets when you two get done. Hehehe, they’re sure to be an awful mess when you finish.”

“Get outta here! And mind your business! Hehehe! Go!” I told him, and he gave me a salute as he got back into his car and drove off. But not without letting Erin know that it was good to finally meet him, and wishing us well.

Erin looked at the building in front of us, and smiled at me. “We can stay the whole night?” He asked bashfully.

“We can stay the whole WEEKEND, actually.” I told him, proudly. “I saved up a long time for tonight. I wanted to celebrate your awakening with style. Besides, it’s best to stay away from that noisy runway until your hearing gets a little more in tune with the rest of your senses. So…for the next few days…this place is just for us.”

‘Just for us’…I like that.” He said, and he again reached for my hand so we could walk to our blissful first night together as one. The first of countless more.

The moment he walked in the door, Erin started shyly grinning from ear to ear. He was SO happy, hehehe! He seemed almost ready to burst. And while I’ve practiced hiding that overjoyed display from others over the years…I couldn’t help but to let some of that mutual excitement leak out myself. I giggled like crazy as I saw him look around at the TV and the beds and the bathroom. We’d have to make sure to keep housekeeping from coming in during the day, letting the sunlight in, and I brought blankets and duct tape to sunproof the windows while we slept. Don’t want anybody coming into the room to find a couple of cold corpses lying in bed together. Causes quite a freak outon the part of daylight humans. Even WORSE when they zip us up in a body bag, and we end up waking up at the morgue. Hehehe! But that′s a whole other story. This will be a more comfortable transition for him, I think. Yes, I think my baby will like this. It was so much better than spending our first few days in darkness together in some dingy old crawlspace, that’s for sure.

That′s when he suddenly bounced his way over to me, and kissed me passionately on the lips. Hahaha, it caught me by surprise and I stumbled a bit before catching my balance. God, he was BEAMING with joy, and that made my heart swell with soooo much love and pride that it was, honestly, difficult to remain standing on shaky legs. “I love you, baby.” He smiled, kissing me again and again.

“I love you too.” Giving yourself over to darkness is such a difficult choice for many. But for the two of us…on this beautiful night…everything felt just right. Our kisses continued, and suddenly, our tongues began to get involved. Wrapping themselves around one another in an erotic dance. I noticed that we were both rapidly moving from sensual to sexual…and while I wanted that more than ANYTHING…I wasn’t looking to rush him. Not after he had just woken up from his slumber. “Erin…?”

“Yeah?” He asked.

“Are you sure? I mean…we don’t HAVE to…”

He grinned from ear to ear, and answered me by wrapping his loving arms around me and giving me a lustful kiss on the lips. Erin pressed his slim body against mine and we moaned in unison from the contact. God…the intense warmth of him. Every piece of Erin′s sexy body was a miracle…so responsive to my every touch.

He broke the kiss, playfully teasing me with a few extra pecks before he backed away a step or two with a smirk. “I’m gonna take a shower, k? I feel a bit scummy, hehehe! But I’ll be out in a few minutes. And then…we can pick up where we left off.” I giggled to myself as he showed me the obvious bulge in front of him, blowing me a kiss just before disappearing into the bathroom. He left the door open as he began to undress, and I couldn’t help but watch as more of his sweet flesh came into view. I watched his hardness bounce playfully in front of him, and he stepped into the shower while getting the water nice and hot. He was soooo cute. GOD, how did I manage to find someone so cute?

I think it was my own temporary attack of ‘love goofy’ jitters that kept me from thinking straight at first. But when I came to my senses, I moved into the bathroom and started taking my own clothes off. Hehehe, yeah, I’m slow sometimes. I’ve never been this far in love before! It takes some getting used to.

Erin peeked his head out to watch me, his hair wet from the shower spray, and we shared a smile for a moment as I put my own stiff inches on display for him to see as his eyes widened with desire. “Mmmm…wow. Hehehe, I think I just found my new favorite toy.” He said. “Can I try it out?”

“Just a sec…” I said, and I turned out the light in the bathroom, allowing only a wide sliver of dim light from the other room come in through the slightly open bathroom door.

I stepped into the shower as Erin giggled out loud. “Hehehe, what are you doing?”

But I couldn’t WAIT to get my lips on him again. “Shhhh…come here.” I said, and I pulled his sleek, wet, body towards me, holding him close as we kissed breathlessly there under the warm water…in the dark, where only our sensual touches mattered. Hahaha, I forgot to take my socks off! So my feet were soaking wet, but who cares? I had my boyfriend to worry about right now! He was really overwhelmed by the feeling of my hands roaming over him for the first time since his awakening, and our tongue kissing became much more heated with every passing second. The warm water felt so good on my shoulders, but Erin felt a cool shiver as I pressed his back against the bathroom tile, and began to hungrily suck at his neck.

“Hehehe…it tickles.” He said softly. Then adding. “You’d better not bite me again, or I’m telling.”

I grinned at him, and then returned my lips to his as we touched and grinded together in ecstasy. His full, round, cheeks were so addictively soft. My hands couldn’t get enough of squeezing their marshmallow texture…now enhanced as the smooth, flawless, globes were sopping wet and slick from a healthy lather of fragrant soap suds. Our stiff erections dueled between us, and I lusted for him until I was weak in the knees. Our hands traveled over the mysterious new terrain of foreign flesh there in that dark room, with only the sound of our heavy breathing and intense kissing to be heard over the quiet rain of the cascading water above us.

Yes…actually getting to the ‘shower’ part of our shower was a difficult task indeed.

At one point, Erin stopped me from kissing him, and he just…’stared’ at me in awe and amazement. “What? What is it?”

“Your eyes…” He said quietly. “Omigod…they’re beautiful, Elias.”

“My…my what?” And it was then that I realized what he was talking about as I saw a faint reflection of a soft light on his face. “Oh…hehehe! I’m sorry.”

“No! No, don’t be sorry. I think they’re sooooo cute…glowing like that. Omigod.”

“Yeah. It’s the water. It makes my optrix lenses…uhhh…screw up.” I bashfully looked away from him, my emotions increasing my heartbeat to an even higher speed.

“You’re gorgeous, baby.” He said, and kissed me again to seal the compliment with his personal signature of authenticity. “Mmmmm, I want you so bad.” He said, and we began to rinse off. The night was just beginning.

We eventually stepped out of the shower, turning the lights back on, and I took my time drying him off. His body was so sensually shaped. I couldn’t stop kissing every small spot that I dried with that towel. His skin still soft and warm from the water. I kissed his shoulders, his neck, his arms…our lips connected repeatedly as I dried his hair. We couldn’t look each other in the eye without going back in for more. And when I knelt down in front of him, I kissed his flat tummy, feeling the muscles tense in a soft giggle as I sucked on his cute little belly button. Then…I let my hands slowly run up the back of his thighs, looking up at his smiling face…as I gave the bottom of his rigid shaft a kiss. The stiff muscle throbbed, literally pulling itself away from my pursed lips with excitement. I gave it a long wet lick, sucking the swollen tip in between my lips to taste him before letting it go again. I didn’t want to go too far. Not yet. I, instead, chose to continue to dry his legs, turning him around to face the wall. And when faced with those deliciously pert boy globes of his, I couldn’t help but to lean forward, and suck the meat of one of his ample cheeks into my mouth. Pressing my face against it was like sleeping on a down feather pillow, and I bit into it gently, getting him to giggle once again.

When we were dry, we began to mae out with a hunger, leaving our clothes on the bathroom floor as we blindly made our way back to the bed. Feeling along the wall the whole time to find our way as our tongues mingled like old friends. Then, he said, “Wait…” And he moved away from me for a moment, his sexy ass bouncing as he walked, his hard shaft leading the way with a bounce all its own. He went back into the bathroom, I heard some rustling, and then I saw him come out with both his clothes and mine, along with the towels we used to dry off with.

“Hahaha! What are you doing?”

“Don’t be MESSY! Hehehe!” He said, putting them into a little laundry bag beside the bed.

“You’re so WEIRD!” I said, but he just made his way back over to me, and we were lost in our kiss again.

We went over to the bed, and without parting our lips, even for a second, we fell back on the mattress, and scooted ourselves up far enough to be comfortable. Our arms and legs now tangling around one another as we sighed from the power of this new level of intimacy. He was still so sensitive. I could feel the pronounced, goosebump texture of his flesh as he trembled in my arms.

Erin and I lay there, writhing with a delirious feeling of bliss as we rolled back and forth together as one. He couldn’t believe the euphoric sensations shooting through him as those post-crossover tingles took him to heights of ecstasy that his sweet and delicate body had never known before. Laying tenderly on top of me, with my lips connected to the most ticklish part of his neck, sucking lustfully at it as my strong arms held him tight, his smooth legs wrapping themselves around my waist as he pressed himself against me with a whimper. I embraced him so gently, my arms surrounding his slender hips, holding him steady through every squirm and wiggle of his excited frame…my anxious fingers sliding down to roughly grab the soft and supple globes of his delicious ass. Squeezing them. Kneading them. Pulling him hard enough against me to almost push the air out of his lungs as he moaned appreciatively in my embrace. Every touch was electric. Every whimper delivered with unrestricted passion. Every breath felt like my first after being held underwater for oh so long. At long last…this was the union that I had been dreaming of my entire life…both in darkness AND in light. This is the kind of love making that changes a person’s soul. And I couldn’t have picked a better mate to share it with. Something about loving him made all of my past mistakes fade into the background where they belonged. I swear, everything about him was magic.

He still felt so human to me. So warm. So unimaginably willing to please. I could feel my own lost humanity reaching out to meet him half way. Reborn through the sensual touch of his lips to mine. He retrieved the comforting warmth of the forgotten daylight within me, and reintroduced me to its brilliance through the seductive taste of his full and lush lips being pressed against mine. I sucked on his tongue, and felt his fragile body push itself into me hard as I crushed his supple cheeks with both hands. His boyish whimper from the contact sent a vibration through our kiss, and I rolled him over to get on top of him…our bodies heating up into an uncontrollable fever…cooled only by the honey-sweet leakings of our excited lengths…extended to their fullest potential.

“Mmmmm…I love you, Elias…” He whispers, and I whine desperately in response, feeling my joyful emotions overflow until I was nearly teary eyed from the overwhelming ′push′ of emotion in the back of my throat. I had rolled him over onto his back so easily, his feather weight so incredibly limber…flexible…sooooo willing to appease my wishes. So reactive to every kiss and touch. It was as if his whole body was alive with an ever burning electric ′tingle′…and no matter what I did, it was the most sexually pleasing touch that he had ever known. He smiled passionately, his eyes half closed as he moaned his appreciation. My hips began to grind on him in determined circles, my libido aching to be closer to him. To be a PART of him. To be inside of him. And the sounds of heavy breathing seem to fill the room from wall to wall. A symphony of soft whimpers and lustful echoes accompanying their there hypnotic tune.

“Mmmm, I love you too. Sooooo much…” I said, and I feel his sapling legs wrap tightly around me, as his butter soft body melts into the mattress beneath us.

I suck at his neck, my tongue running over the last traces of my bite mark from when I turned him to the being he was meant to become. It is still a gentle pain for him, the wound still slightly raw from his transformation. But poking and prodding at the scar with my tongue has ignited his nerve endings…sending sparks through his sleek body and causing him to purrrrrr blissfully in my arms, his fingers lightly raking the skin on the back of my shoulders. And again we roll over, our limbs tangled in a most intimate embrace…leaving my hands free to roam over the frictionless surface of his baby soft skin. I can feel his love for me radiating out of him in waves of thermal heat. His body is built as though it was meant to hold me this way, his innocent charm and mind blowing sex appeal translated into a physical expression that made my head spin. I felt as though I was already lost in the middle of an explosive orgasm from the way my body seemed to light up from the inside. But I know that the orgasmic peak we are rapidly approaching will be so much more than the sexual frenzy we’re experiencing now. It is a hidden paradise…manifested in the movement of flesh against flesh.

I felt his moist palm touch my aching hardness, his long fingers wrapping around my length and applying pressure as my hips instinctively pushed into his tender grip. Our lips were smashed tightly together, and I enjoyed every moment of contact. But there was another flavor that I was craving, and reluctantly pulled away from our kiss to slide further down his naked body as he writhed in anticipation.

So beautiful.

Sooooo very beautiful.

Erin raised both of his knees, his feet on the mattress, spreading wide to accept me as I crawled between his legs. Wedging myself between their softly heated embrace. Erin closed his eyes and laid his head back…spasming slightly as I gave the insides of his thighs a few kisses and licks. Soon allowing my tongue to swipe wetly along his wrinkled sac, making him raise his hips slightly. I kissed him there, again and again…enjoying the sight of him trembling responsively to every touch. Then I sucked them into my mouth, bathing him in my heat, and he purred, once again, from the attention.

Getting more aroused now, I grab Erin’s thighs and push my face into the space underneath his balls, rubbing my nose and lips back and forth across the sensitive area, experiencing the candied aroma of our shower gel, delivering more sweet kisses to my angel’s private spot. And when my tongue playfully touched the outer ridge of his incredibly tight rosebud…Erin gasped, and his hips raised themselves completely off of the mattress. His movements were so involuntary, and I had to hold his body still as I further probed his most forbidden spot. He was literally panting to the point of dizziness from my sexual favor, and with a loud series of moans, he nearly wiggled right out of his own skin. “Oh…oh geez! Omigod…Mmmmmm….ahhhh!!!” I snuggled my face even deeper into his heated cradle, now giving him the sensual licking that his body was begging for.

His flavor excited me to no end. I was lightheaded with the thought that anything so sweet could possibly be mine to possess for countless years to come. And I went wild as his thin hips rolled in circles on the bed to accept my naughty assault on his well guarded sexual secret. Erin′s hands reached down to the top of my head, lightly pulling at my hair as he bit his bottom lip to keep from screaming out loud. And it was then that I saw his balls begin to tighten as he came close to letting loose with an orgasm that was sure to be the stuff of legend. I didn’t want to miss it.

I pulled back from his tight hole, and instead sucked on my middle finger, getting it wet enough to gain entrance to my lover for the first time. I kissed his balls a few times, as I pressed my digit against his sensual gate. It hardly seemed like a ‘hole’ at all. It was so tight that it might as well have been a second navel. Adding pressure against it wasn’t allowing me access…even when Erin tried to force himself to relax. He wanted it sooooo badly. He wanted me to keep going, mumbling softly above me, occasionally whispering, “God, feels so good…push a little harder…”

Finally…I felt the protective muscle begin to give way, more by accident and passion than anything deliberate. After a second or two of hesitation…the furiously hesitant orifice suddenly opened up to my invasion, and sucked my middle finger inside. A heated wet vacuum that collapsed around my finger the second I slipped it in to him, all the way to the first knuckle. Erin groaned sexily, and I licked a long trail from his sack, up to the sensitive head of his shaft. And just as I tasted the sweet nectar from its tip, teasing the head with my tongue, I sank the entire length of his fevered shaft into my mouth. My slippery tongue coiling itself around it lovingly as my finger slid into him another inch or two. The stimulation was almost too much for his poor young body to handle. But he was a soldier, and held on to his orgasm, wanting to make it last for as long as possible.

I fingered him seductively, slowly moving in and out in time with the heavy suction I was giving to his shaft. The snug ring began to loosen slightly, relaxing as it surrendered to the pleasure his new lover was giving it. Erin couldn’t sit still, his hair tuft flopping into his eyes as his head moved back and forth on the pillow, his hips not knowing whether to push up in to the wet sucking lips, or push back down on the long, penetrating, finger. No matter which one he chose, he could feel the crashing intimacy of both at all times.

It was then that I pressed on that golden spot inside of my favorite boy, and his hole clenched tightly around my knuckle. WOW! Another craving gasp from his sexy lips, and a sudden flood of his natural juices rose to the tip of his sensitive head, and poured over my taste buds like a watery syrup. Advancing his already amazing flavor as I sucked hard to swallow the sugary sap as fast as he could produce it. I felt him grow harder in my mouth, and I knew that his battle with the ultimate climax was at an end. I sucked harder, faster, moving up a bit further to get more into it as Erin’s slender hips began to bounce with more urgency. I then sank my finger deep within his canal, and that was the catalyst that brought him to a desperately needed explosion. His muscular inner walls crushed my finger from all sides as his balls tightened up, and the vein on the underside of his length began to violently pulse and ′pump′ with multiple blasts of shattering liquid ecstasy.

Erin was soooo quiet about it, or…at least he tried to be. Holding his breath to keep from screaming out loud from the explosion. But despite his valiant efforts, little mews and whimpers escaped from the back of his throat regardless. I didn’t let a single drop of his body’s delicious offering escape me. Instead, I swallowed every squirt as it splashed hard against the roof of my mouth and back towards my tonsils. Erin reached up to grab both sides of his pillow, and wrapped it around his ears, his eyes closed as he licked his lips, and below…me, suckling and nursing at his still hard erection while his gripping hole suckled and nursed on my finger in the same way. It was the most incredible moment of my life…knowing that I could make my baby cum soooo hard and feel the same ecstasy that he brought me on a daily basis…just by being at my side.

Erin never went limp. If anything, he seemed even harder than ever, the top half of his length blushed a deep shade of pink from the strain of release. I let it slide out of my mouth, giving it an extra kiss before leaving it to slap back against his tummy. But when I tired to withdraw my finger, he sat back down on it, and clenched his butt cheeks tight to keep it inside. “Don’t. Mmmm…I want it. Leave it in me…” He grinned.

I moved up to kiss my breathless boy on the lips, still slowly moving my finger in and out of him, sawing right over that magic spot of his, and making his whole body quake with desire. But when I did slide my finger out of him, he was anxious to be filled up again. Rolling me onto my back, Erin smiled down at me mischievously…straddling my hips. There was something about that boy’s smile that could break your heart in an instant. And when he rubbed noses with me again…I nearly came from the affectionate gesture alone. He added a touch of cuteness to everything he did. A boy that other boys dream about, but never get to have. And never will…now that he’s all mine.

Erin reached back, and as he sat up straight, I felt the round bubbled cheeks of his bottom resting just above my hardness. He looked me in the eye as he scooted back a bit further, his hand holding me in a loving grip. The look on his face was beyond beautiful as he closed his eyes, and guided my erection towards his warm, moist, hole. I let my hands rest, palms down, on his naked thighs…rubbing them up and down to further relax him as he tried to take me inside. His length was still sooooo impossibly hard, and he gasped slightly as I took hold of it, giving it a few strokes as my other hand moved up to run across the flat of his smooth chest. An immaculate beauty that was beyond words. My baby. My lovely boy.

A moment of pain showed on his face, soon followed by a look of determination. And it was then that I felt his hole attempting to accept my aching member inside. Erin’s virginal elasticity began to give way, and with a few more minutes of pressure, I was suddenly enveloped by the hot swirl of muscle as his inner walls began to pull me inside. My God. My…GOD! Not only was it the tightest grip that I had ever felt in my life, but it was as if his insides were alive with activity. A quivering collection of muscles that warmed me from all sides and began to suck hungrily at me as I felt the gentle smoosh of his ass cheeks rest on my lap. Had he not been still to get used to my size…I would have cum instantly. He leaned forward, and whispered, “I love you, Elias.” And kissed me on the lips as he began the rhythmic rise and fall of intimate love making. The sex that only true love can create.

He got more into it, finally scratching an itch that he had for me ever since we first saw each other. His ass held me tight, and I reached around to squeeze the lovely globe behind him, helping to guide him as he sped up his bounce. I moved in and out of him, my hips sometimes forcing themselves up sharply…causing him to yelp slightly from the motion. But it turned him on all the more. He was aroused by the hint of aggression, and as I pulled him down harder and harder with every bounce…he began to moan uncontrollably with his appreciation for my passion. His restrictions were fading away, and leaving only the yearning for sex behind. Taking the hint, I now began to push up and pull him down at the same time, the bed squeaking as I began to plug away at his inner sanctum. And he whimpered in a sexual frenzy, his hardness leaking again as it slapped my stomach with each bounce of his hips.

And that’s when I heard him say it. “Mmmm….fuck me…” It was so quiet at first. Just above a whisper. And I thought that maybe I had heard him wrong. But then, with another few grunts, and a sharp thrust of my hips, he said it again. “Oh GOD, fuck me!” Having NEVER heard him use a curse word before in my LIFE…that was just about the hottest thing that I have ever experienced!

I suddenly tuned to the side, pulling Erin down to the bed, and stood up behind him. He eagerly rolled onto his elbows and knees, and spread himself wide to back himself up to me. Whining sensually as he begged for me to enter him again. He parted his knees wide, that mouthwatering ass of his in the air…his back arched, chest pressed down to the mattress like an inchworm…and I nearly lost my mind with how hot it looked!

I took a hold of his narrow waist, and pulled him back against me as I re-entered him and heard him whimper and wiggle with desire. His hole clutched me even tighter than before, and this time I gave him enough of an aggressive pounding to truly drive him wild. The slapping sounds of our love filled the hotel room, and the sight of me disappearing into his blushed pink hole, those smooth buns shaking as they slammed up against me…was too much for me to take. I was quickly approaching the point of no return.

But Erin beat me to it.

He began to squeal, his voice reaching a higher pitch with every breath, his hips jutting forward as another crashing orgasm built up inside of him. And then, as I was still grinding into him from behind, he tensed up, and I felt his ass collapse in on my erection and pulse around my hard shaft as he shot another full load onto the sheets without even touching himself. I had heard of cumming without touching yourself before, but I had never actually been a witness to such a thing. Erin seemed to be overwhelmed with the power of his climax, and his body squirmed back and forth, almost causing me to slip out of him as the excited jets of sticky white fluid covered the spot beneath him. I didn’t want to stop now, so I let him fall to the sheets, and I rolled him onto his back, shoving myself back into that snug hole and giving his ankles a few kisses as I continued my assault. He was nearly blind with a sexual fever, and when he felt my tongue lick his ankle, a little more nectar dribbled from his tip. I was close. Soooo close, and pushed harder as I reached the finish line. Erin moaned louder and louder as my strokes got to be desperate, going as deep into his tunnel as I could. And just moments before I hit my peak, Erin pulled me down by the back of my neck, and kissed me deeply on the lips. A lustful, unrestricted, tongue kiss, that created an explosion in me that I couldn’t believe!

My orgasm was almost painful as I moved my hips in circles, grinding my pelvis against my lover’s body, the hairs above my shaft tickling the rim of his stretched hole as I tried to push it in another inch or two. Our bodies were smashed soooo tight together. A sheen of sweat covering us both, our kissing become sloppy and wet as both of us tried to get our bodies back under our control. By the time I had stopped throbbing and pulsing inside of my baby’s heated hole…my body was ready to go limp from exhaustion.

The electric silk of Erin’s insides had gotten so slippery now that I had emptied myself so completely inside of him. An entirely new feeling, sliding in and out of his clutching ring. A pleasantly silent ‘squish’ that I enjoyed with a few more erotic pushes of my hips as my sweetheart attempted to catch his breath, kissing me repeatedly. Thanking me for the most amazing sexual experience of his life. Sighhh….me too, baby. Me too.

He grumbled with a boyish pout as I slid out of him, the entire top half of my member almost sore with sensitivity. I kissed him deeply, and he sighed as I rolled off of him, letting his legs fall limply back to the mattress. I heard his ragged breathing slowing as his body quivered, and he blushed sheepishly as he smiled at me. “Heh…I ummm…I swore.”

“Hehehe, yes. Yes, you did. Dirty boy.” I giggled. Then…I looked into his eyes, and raised my hand to gently tuck his gentle locks of hair behind his right ear. I didn’t want to miss a single sparkle in his tender brown eyes. My angel, with a smile that shined like the blazing glory of the sun itself. We stared at one another for an extended moment, and rubbed our noses together again. It always made him giggle, and he rolled himself into me, laying his head on my chest, holding onto me as though he had to keep me from fading away like some kind of phantom dream. ″This is life now. Can you believe it? Not just for now…but forever.″

“Forever…” He whispered, softly. His mind trying to fully grasp the concept. Finding paradise in my loving embrace.

“Yeah…forever, sweetie. Forever.” I said.

″I like that.″ He said. ″Let′s make every night like it was tonight, k? We can do it a billion more times! Hehehe! I don′t want to do anything else.″

″Me neither.″ I told him. ″Me neither…″