GFD: Media Blitz

GFD: Media Blitz 1

There was a time when the very sight of it used to seriously disturb me...watching them feed...

The screams of their victims almost drowned out by the ravenous hunger of the creatures I brought with me...their desperate growls of demonic satisfaction from ripping these humans in to ribbons of blood soaked flesh as they reveled in the savage flavor of their agonizing demise. There is no real way to describe the sound of human skin, muscle, and bone, as it is being peeled away and devoured by such terrifying monsters in darkness.

Yes...when we began making our rounds a few months ago...seeing them feed off of their victims used to make me feel sick to my stomach.

But...not so much anymore.

My mission was bigger than that. Much more important.'s simply a part of what I do. Me and my assistant, Waylon.

Enough is enough. This madness could not continue, not for one more day. And if the powers that be were going to refuse to do their job and keep the corrupt and the wicked in check...then I suppose I'll have to to step up and do it for them. For ONCE...I'm going to see these people reap what they have been sowing for, oh so long. I'm going to see to it that they are held accountable for their actions, and finally know what it's like to live in a world where they're forced to deal with the repercussions of their selfish deeds.

Perhaps the vampire Elders will find me and crucify me for actions at a later date...but at least I will have made some sort of a positive change in the world. At least, I could strike enough fear and mortal DREAD into the hearts of these sinners in a way that might finally give them some semblance of an actual conscience of their own.

It's a lofty goal, but it's one that I believe in. This chaos needs to come to an end. These people need to stop walking away from their criminal FUCKING behavior as though nothing matters anymore! No! You will pay tonight, my friends. You will pay.

The Nosferatu breed of vampires have an insatiable appetite. They not only drink human blood, but they chew the flesh, bite down on gristle and bone, and twitch in agonizing pain as their bodies try to digest whatever it is that they manage to swallow down. Even though the severe cramps makes them sick and causes them to howl and cry out in pain, their hunger is so intense that they can't help themselves. They continue to gobble up all they can. Painfully. Indiscriminately. And as Waylon attempted to hold them on their leashes to keep their spontaneous bloodbath at bay...they all pulled and yanked savagely at his temporary efforts to control of them. We only brought three of them with us tonight, but I was certain that it would be enough. They were hungry for the flesh of the people inside of this corporate TV news station. And I was hungry to see if they would honestly repent for what they've done, or if they would rather warrant the horrible fate that was sure to befall them if they didn't.

It's not like we haven't done this before.

"Did you disable all security systems?" I asked Waylon.

He nodded. "No communications will be coming in, and none will be going out. It's been taken care of." Then he gave me a look, and he said, "We've been leaving quite the 'mess' everywhere we go, Cameron. Perhaps we should be a bit more careful from here on out. Maybe tidy things up a little bit before we move on."

I told him, "No. The 'mess' is a part of the message that I intend to bring to the masses, my friend. I want them to bear witness to the unfathomable horror and the inevitable damage that it leaves behind. Because they simply don't seem to understand anything else anymore. We need to give them a shock to the system. We need for these people to see the pain and the terror that awaits them if they don't immediately change their ways." I said. "For ONCE...these jackals are going to understand the consequences of their actions...instead of tossing these verbal firecrackers out to the public and then running to hide in their wealthy little bubbles while the rest of the world burns."

"You risk exposing us before we can do enough damage to truly make an impact, sir..."

"Maybe. But the word will spread, regardless, and others will take up the fight long after we're gone. This needs to be done. And we need to do it now. The people need to wake up and realize that they can't just simply continue to commit crimes against the rest of us without facing justice. Without dealing with their own instant karma." I said. "It's time to give them a glimpse of the despair that they've been shuffling off on other people for far too long now. It's time." I told him. "Time that they finally feel what it's like to not have any power in this country. Time to feel what it's like to truly be helpless." That being said, I watched as the few Nosferatu vampires chewed and gnawed at the flesh falling off of the faces of the TV station's security guards. They wouldn't have stood much of a chance, even if we had popped up and they had enough of a warning to position themselves in a way to try to fight us off. But once we appeared...they were so scared, so frozen...that they couldn't even manage to put up any fight at all. Nosferatu vampires are horrifying to look at. Hairless...with hunchbacks and long fingers with twisted, yellow and black colored claws. Jagged teeth that were razor sharp and deformed beyond reason...long ears...blood red eyes...and bodies that were monstrously shaped, while still being highly effective when it came to their unorthodox methods of movement. It was almost like you could hear their bones popping and twisting, locking and unlocking themselves as they dislocated themselves from their supporting joints. Their twitches and disgusting spasms were just as frightening as they were strangely 'beautiful' in their presentation.

These beasts used to be such a rarity in darkness. A random anomaly that came from an unexperienced vampire crossing someone else over into our world. A genetic flaw in the process that left many of our kind regretting ever taking that monumental step towards immortality.

But...for some odd reason, there has been a resurgence of sorts in the production of these vampire deviants. Perhaps it was a simple shift in the variants of crossing someone over into darkness...or perhaps is was the souring perspective of the world in general that had thrown off our ability to turn other humans into vampires at all. Who knows?

Whatever it is...the Nosferatu breed is becoming more and more common among us these days. And for now...that serves my purpose just fine. Because nothing backs a heartless MONSTER into a corner...than a bigger monster.

Waylon got a message on his cell phone, and he gave it a look, telling me, "Jacob has secured the control room. It looks as if we're ready to go."

"Everything is still recording, correct?" I asked.

"Yes. It'll all be on camera. And we can broadcast the signal whenever you give us the green light."

"Excellent." I nodded. "Let's make ourselves known then, shall we?"

Pulling on the chain leashes that were wrapped around the Nosferatus' necks, we made our way down the hall with me in the lead...attempting to hold my utter disgust for these people back from simply running in and showering the studio walls with blood. It wasn't easy. But I told myself that I would be more than willing to give them a chance to redeem themselves. It's only fair, after all...right?

Everyone gets a chance to repent, and to make things right. That's been my golden rule since this whole crusade began.

It's too bad that no one ever takes advantage of the mercy that I'm willing to give them. But that's their fuck up...not mine.

The news crew was in the middle of taping a segment for the nightly news when Waylon and I came bursting through the studio doors. A small audience was watching at the time, a few of the network execs, and cameramen on hand to feed them their lines via teleprompter as they spewed their verbal sewage over the airwaves to further deceive the American people with lies and misinformation. Greedy. Shameless. I found it hard to contain the sickening rage that I felt from having to look at them in person. Face to face. Seeing a void within them. An empty shell of a human being with no fucking soul at ALL!!!

A pathetic waste of fucking oxygen that was so far removed from any sense of empathy that I might have for other living human beings that they might as well have been cockroaches crawling over a buffet of fine meat. Loathsome. Despicable. Repugnant...

This is why I do what I do. This is why I'm here. And why I hope others will follow my work once the Elders send hunters to come for me. Exposing the vampire secret is a heinous crime in this world...but I'm going to expose their secrets first. Every last one of them....for as long as I can.

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!" I shouted out as I marched into the studio. "And please understand that I'm using that term loosely! Believe me!"

"What is this???" The main news anchor shouted. "Where is security? SECURITY!!!"

With a demonic grin, I told him, "Oh...there won't be any security officers coming, my friend. Not tonight. They are...currently 'indisposed'. And by 'indisposed', I mean they're fucking dead! As many of you will be tonight before I leave here. I certainly hope you were paying them a decent wage for the horrors they had to suffer through tonight while you reaped millions for a quarter of the work they had to put into this job. I'd hate to think that they perished like that for minimum wage." I continued to move forward, looking back at the control booth for the broadcast and making sure that Jacob had cut the live feed, but was still recording every moment of this to put on air later on. The world needed to see this. Uncut. It's important.

"Who is this? Where the fuck are our guards? What is he doing here?" The host growled angrily. But it was his fake display of courage that really brought me joy in this moment. People like him are always the most satisfying of kills. I revel in the moment when they are finally forced to break character. Protected by their bullshit privilege and their immense wealth and status for their entire lives...and now, coming face to face with a reality that they were simply not built to handle on their own. The very idea of it made me giddy with ticklish sensations, anticipating the ghastly acts that were sure to come next. "This a closed set!" He said, puffing his chest out...while still broadcasting nothing but weakness and fear in his clownish demeanor. "You don't belong in here!"

"Funny..." I said. "...I could say the exact same thing about you. You and all of your bullshit cronies here." I looked around the room, seeing the staff and the anchormen and women who were here to bring the 'news' to the masses who tuned in on a nightly basis to get some sort of grasp on the reality. People who were looking to be an educated and informed public about what was really going on outside of their front door. People who trusted this organization to provide them with the truth.

Instead...they were given lies. Lie...after lie...after lie...after LIE!!!

Tonight...the lies STOP!!! At least for this one small TV station. I'm going to give them the chance to look into that camera....and tell the gospel truth to their audience. I'm going to provide them with the opportunity to make things right. And if they're willing to do so...I'll allow them to walk out of this studio alive. I promise.

Everyone deserves a chance at redemption. I don't want to take that away from them.

"I want to give you all my word this evening..." I said. "...This won't take up too much of your time. Nor will it take up too much of my own. We have other stops on our personal itinerary this evening...and I don't want to miss any of them. I feel that they are equally important, in my opinion." That being said, I approached the two men and one woman sitting at the news desk in front of their cameras and helpful devices...each with ear pieces to remind them of their talking points and propaganda cues while pretending to be impartial messengers of the information that they dole out on a nightly basis. But it was the fear that really excited me. A fear that they've never felt before. The kind of fear that comes from a little boy who's forced to fight the elementary school bully on the playground for the very first time. No parents, no protections, no lawyers, or big wig execs. The kind of fear that these little brats have never faced before because they've never been threatened with the idea of being punched in the fucking MOUTH for the things that they say out loud! Oh yessssss....that fear was so delicious for me. At long last, I get to bear witness to the sight of these wannabe elitists crumbling into dust at my feet. Regretting everything they've ever done to hurt the rest of humanity. And finally embracing the weak and pathetic COWARD that lives within them. Look me in the eye, peasants. Gaze upon me, and be revealed in front of the entire world.

"DOWN!" Waylon commanded, as the Nosferatu's began to pull and yank at their chains. Sooooo eager to get a taste of their next human snack.

The newscasters cringed and gasped as they realized that their lives were really in danger. Even more...when they saw my eyes turn dark red, and my long vampire fangs lowered themselves from my gums...ready to feed on some of their weak flesh for myself.

"What...what are you?" Whimpered the news anchor to my left.

Approaching him, my smile widened. "What am I? Let's just say...that I am 'Karma'. The karma that you all have been avoiding for oh so long. The karma that people have been waiting and waiting and WAITING to show up on your fucking doorstep...but haven't been able to get any peace of mind." I told him. "Karma is taking too long, and the world is getting worse by the minute. So I'm here to hurry things along a little bit."

Suddenly, the other of the highest paid and most watched demagogues on the entire cable network...decided to jump up and make a run for it. Seeing the twisted and scarred faces of the Nosferatus on the right, he charged left, racing towards the door as if that would somehow save him from the harsh tortures that I had planned for tonight. I smiled as I let him get close enough to the door to believe that he had any hope at all...then I gently lifted my hand into the air...

An open palm to allow him to keep running. And then...I used my extra to violently clench my fist...causing all of his muscles to painfully cramp up at once and freeze him in place! He shouted out in agony at first, and then fell to the floor as his every muscle became rock hard to the point where he felt as if they were all going to snap free of their tendons all at once. "Don't run out on me just yet, 'truth teller'..." I said. "...We're just getting started."

Waylon got the nod from Jacob in the control booth, and he said, "Everything is in order, Cameron. It's your show from here on out."

"Splendid." I said with an evil grin. And as I walked behind the news anchors' desk, I rested both of my hands on the female reporter's shoulders. I could feel her shaking with fear. I could see tears streaming down her face, but I felt no remorse for what I was doing here tonight. Remorse...regret...judgement...and a sense of human decency were all thrown out the window by her once those big paychecks started rolling into her bank account. I could almost taste the horror on my lips as I leaned in to whisper in her ear. "What I'm going to ask of you right now...'Political Agenda Barbie' very simple. Just...answer me honestly...with the actual TRUTH...and I'll let you go. Is it a deal?"

With tears in her eyes and a quivering bottom lip, she sniffled, "Please...just let me go. I just work here! Let me go! I promise that I won't tell, just...please..."

"Shhhhhhh!" I said, now giving her a gentle kiss on the cheek. "It's too late for that now. But look on the bright side. I'm giving you the chance to redeem yourself. All you have to do is go to your 'default' setting as a rational and educated human being. Nothing more."

At this point, the cramped up anchor man began to struggle his way to his feet, and through all of the pain that it was causing him, he continued to force his body to make advancements towards the nearest escape. Such a fool. no matter though. I never liked his segments on this news broadcast anyway.

"Waylon..." I said, over my shoulder. And he let go of one of the the Nosferatu vampire the freedom to aggressively LEAP forward and pounce on the anchorman with a savagery that took the other humans in the studio by surprise. Sinking his teeth into the juicy flesh of of his prey, the Nosferatu began to sling his helpless body back and forth like a fucking RAG DOLL! Ripping off limbs, cracking bones, and showering the walls and the floor with his blood. As I said before, it takes some getting used to...watching them eat. But in cases like these...there's nothing more satisfying than watching these heartless bastards getting fucking MURDERED in the most painful ways imaginable! GOOD! He earned a painful death after what he's done to the rest of the world.

"Sorry about that, my sweet princess..." I said, returning my focus to the anchorwoman in front of me. "...Where were we? Oh yes...a simple question. On honest honest answer. That's all I ask. And you might just survive this night without having to go through...well, you know...that." I said with a smirk, as her fellow co-worker's body went limp, blood spilling out of him and spreading a huge puddle of gore out on the tile beneath him as the monstrous Nosferatu chewed and grinded and lapped up everything that he could from the lifeless corpse beneath him.

"Please...whatever you want with us...." She said.

"ANSWERS!!!!" I shouted as loudly as I could in her ear, causing her to jump and get so scared that the nausea nearly forced her to vomit on herself. "Like I honest honest answer. And if you LIE to me...believe me when I tell you that I'm going to know."

Shivering...with snot running out of her nose and her knees weak with horror...she nodded in agreement.

"Good. See? Now we're getting somewhere." I said, then stepped aside to point to one of the many teleprompters that these news outlets use to spread their lies and their misinformation like a deadly virus to the American people, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. "Here's the question. Are you ready?" She nodded, crying even more as the fear and helplessness flooded into her bloodstream. "I want you to look at the words on that teleprompter. The words that you've gotten so comfortable passing off as your own thoughts. The words that start wars, that demonize people of color, that crush celebrities and praise politicians for the evils they commit. Words that destroy any and all opportunities for the poor...that cause gay teenagers to kill themselves, ignite religious fury, and create a hostile environment for each and every single person that is supposedly 'intruding' on American soil, a place where the asshole that WROTE this garbage for you...thinks they don't belong." I said. "Heh...don't belong. Crazy, right?" And then it came down to the one question that I really wanted to know. "Look at that teleprompter right now, you insignificant bitch...and TELL me..."

"Do you really believe what it says?"

She has ONE chance to get this right. Let's see just how deep her morals lie, shall we? Is she a helpless idiot that doesn't know any better? Or is she a heartless monster who was willing to sell her worthless soul for a paycheck and a chance to be on television?

It's time to confess. Time to make amends. One answer. If you fail...then you know what's coming your way...don't you?

Don't worry, sweetheart. I'm sure you wont be the only one to die tonight. So take your time. I wont be leaving here tonight until justice is served.