Bryson - Injury Transference


"Gone From Daylight"


Injury Transference – Bryson has the ability to put his bare hands on another person, and not only sense and locate any injuries or damage inflicted upon them…but actually healthose wounds by taking them upon himself. No matter what the damage may be, it shows up on his own body with equal severity to the person he took it from. It is unknown if he feels the same degree of pain as his host from such injuries, but there is obviously some kind of suffering involved on his part. In part, if not all the way. Physical contact is needed for this extra to work, and it is a quick way to heal those around him if needed. The limitations of this ability come from trying to heal a vampire’s heart, or the deterioration of a vampire’s blood supply, so they would not have to feed on a regular schedule. It is unknown if attempting to heal a fatally wounded heart would cause Bryson to die from the damage he absorbed, or if both he andthe vampire he absorbed it from would die simultaneously from the process. He has never risked such a transference before. So that remains unknown. What IS known is that his body can only take so much before fatigue and physical strain make it too much for him to handle any further. Bryson has been known to push himself to the very limit in an attempt to heal more than one vampire at a time, but it is important that he doesn’t overdo it, or his body will we reach a point of suffering that is beyond repair. Up until that point, it is up to Bryson’s natural sleep cycles to heal him again over time. He has been known to use some of Rain’s extra sparingly in order to speed up the process.


“In the middle of the journey of our life I came to myself within a dark wood where the straight way was lost.” – Dante Alighieri


A living gargoyle. It’s one way to think of Bryson when it comes to the lot. A large statue, remaining forever in guard of his temple. And while the others may take solace and pride in having him there…he never moves. Never leaves. Only on rare occasions is Bryson caught sneaking out, unannounced, to find a donor and return home before anyone notices he’s gone. Instead of going out into the world, he has created a much safer, more manageable world of his own within the confines of his lot. A place that he’d be lost without. Bryson’s contact with the world comes from the wild stories of his little family in darkness. Through newspapers and magazines, which he keeps a personal budget for as one of the many necessities for the lot.

A father figure to the rest, Bryson is undoubtedly the foundation on which all of the lot vampires stand on when they need strength, and hide under when they need shelter. He is the law, but one that is kept with a golden heart, rather than an iron fist. While they may avoid getting in ‘trouble’ by disobeying Bryson’s rules or not doing their appointed set of chores for the evening…deep down, they know he has too big a heart to really punishthem. At least not in ways that would be unfair or unforgiving. Much like his extra, Bryson would rather take the blame upon himself than inflict it upon someone he loves and cares about. Still, he remains the structure and the guiding force of the lot, and has earned the respect of everyone in his care.

His conflicts on the inside, however…have yet to be resolved.

Bryson was in high school and looking forward to graduating in the next year and a half when his life took a sudden turn for the worst. One night, while coming home from a work related function, both of Bryson’s parents were hit by a drunk driver. They were killed instantly. A pain that Bryson still hasn’t dealt with completely. With no other family to take him, Bryson was to be sent to a group home for boys until he was 18 years of age, and then sent to live out in the world alone. He barely stayed in the home a month before he made an escape. The same night, he met a female vampire named Amanda. Who he said was ‘the most beautiful girl that he had ever seen’.

It took some time of them being together before Amanda told him the truth of who and what she was, and she refused to turn him before he had given it some real thought. But Bryson was grief stricken, homeless, and the only thing he had to truly keep him going was his love for Amanda. So he crossed over into darkness, and the two of them became an item.

Amanda and Bryson took refuge in an old abandon car lot on the outskirts of town. A place were some of the cars were still left enough in tact that it could shield them from sunlight. It was Amanda, who was inspired after spending time in a vampire sanctuary, that began to accept other vampires into their private space. Later taking in a few others, including a newly born vampire named Dennis who became Bryson’s best friend, the lot truly became a tight knit family. Amanda was more concerned with chores and laundry duty and rules than Bryson was. Bryson was finally finding himself. He was distracting his pain with parties and clubbing and coming home just before dawn. There was a time when he truly was as carefree as everyone else in that place. But that changed when the unthinkable happened.

Having this ‘open door’ policy to anyone who needed a place to stay proved to be dangerous, as a tortured vampire named Kaitlin came looking for sanctuary as well. A mind reader and a schemer, she developed feelings for Brandon and decided that she wanted his love for herself. Many mind games were played, fights instigated, emotional strings were pulled and plucked, using everyone’s own minds against them. It was Amanda who found proof of her sinister plan by discovering a journal that she was keeping, full of the lurid details. For the first time ever, a vampire was banished from the lot. Exiled for the sake of protecting the rest of the family.

Angry and bent on revenge, Kaitlin returned one night with a group of scavenger vampires that she had been staying with, and they took Amanda hostage. Bryson was out partying with Dennis at the time. When they returned, Kaitlin had position an iron spike at Amanda’s heart. And with one push, the love of his life had been slayed right before his very eyes.

No matter what he did to heal her, nothing would work. The vampire’s heart is the source of its existence. He was helpless to aid her in her recovery. And she was forced to take a sun quest to avoid starvation. It was his promise to her to keep the lot going, to keep his heart and his mind open to those who needed shelter, that made him the guardian of the place. With a family that he would die to protect if necessary. But it also made it his prison…and things began to fall apart.

Guilt ridden for not having been there when Amanda needed him, Bryson abandoned the outside world almost completely. With Dennis sharing his pain and guilt, a rift grew between the two. Dennis distracted himself by quickly learning and using as many extras as he possibly could, as fast as he could, and in time…the two became strangers to one another. Eventually, Dennis left, never to return. As did a few others that were staying in their camp. Others, Trevor, Rain, Jun, Max, and later Dion and Jenna, decided to stay. Gyro left to be with another group of vampires from time to time, but always came ‘home’ eventually. He was suspicious of allowing any others into the lot for years afterwards. His first exception to the rule came when Trevor came home with a young boy named Taryn, who is still considered the only vampire kind and sweet enough to warm Bryson’s heart back into letting others find refuge there.

Bryson is definitely a good man and a caring soul, but his biggest mistake is allowing himself to believe that his life ‘ended’ the night Amanda saw her final sunrise. That somehow, his concept of happiness was in the past, and that he’ll never find it again. He blames himself for not being there to save her from destruction. He blames himself for failing Dennis, and letting him leave. He blames himself for his parents even. So now he sits alone most nights, reading newspapers and keeping tabs on his group of vamps with folders and files and paper clippings that he hides in his truck. He’s closed his heart off. Fueling the fear that everything he loves crumbles, and is eventually taken away from him. Even though he has intense feelings for Rain…he somehow feels that he is ‘protecting’ her by not giving into them. But never making them known, he can be sure that she won’t meet the same fate as all of his previous failures in happiness.

Deep down, he wants the others to shut themselves off emotionally too. Just so he won’t feel so alone in his misery. But they continue to grow, and he continues to dwell on the pains of the past. Perhaps, one day, the spell can be broken, and he can find a way to close the books and realize that none of what happened was his fault. And that no amount of structure or control or keeping a close eye on those he loves from a distance will ever keep mistakes from happening in the future. He has to let go. He has to start fresh. That’s the key to his prison cell. It’s what he needs to see the future instead of looking back at the past.

Bryson has all the strength and the courage he could ever want when it comes to healing others. If only he could find enough to heal himself.