GFD: Out of This Club

Chapter 1

There are certain boys who take it upon themselves to become sexual with men. Some do it out of curiosity. Some like the attention. And some do it for the money. Yeah, that would be me. I know! I know! What the hell kind of fifteen-year-old exposes himself sexually in such disgusting and derogatory acts... for money no less? Well, first off, in my defense, I've been fifteen for a lengthy fifteen years now. That's thirty! Regardless of what people may say, I am not some impressionable kid. Secondly, my current residence is, believe it or not, the IceZone. When you live in such a rowdy setting, your ethic morals are bound to go down a notch. And I will have you know, the apartment rents within the IceZone are nothing cheap. I need my money, alright?

So, here I am naked on my 'work' bed, with my tushie up in the air, waiting for whatever geezer I was supposed to be fucking. I hate it when people aren't punctual. What the hell is the point of booking an appointment if you're just going to show up at a totally different time slot?

After a great deal of impatient waiting and endless boredom, somebody finally walked through the open doorway and into my assigned... uh... cubicle? ... stable? ... office? I don't really have a name for it. It's just walls and a bed.

"Go right ahead. Whenever you're ready," I instructed, thrusting my tushie up ever higher, not even bothering to turn my head.

The reply was a very shy and unsure one. Not to mention young. "O-okay, well, okay," mumbled the person, dumbly and timidly.

I was a little perplexed as to why the voice sounded so young. So, I turned my head and to take a good look. What I found was a boy, with gel-spiked light brown hair, roughly around my physical age. The boy had an alluring depth to his image and had the most remarkable light brown eyes I had ever seen. It was then, I noticed the lack of a vampiric glow.

The first thing on my mind was why he wasn't a geezer. The second thing on my mind was why he wasn't a vampire. Don't get me wrong. I see human visitors in the IceZone all the time. Just... not while 'working'.

"Um... hey, kid. Are you sure you're in the right place?" I asked, feeling a little awkward. I went ahead and covered myself with a blanket.

"Um... I-I have an appointment. Your... your... uh... that salesman outside told me it was okay. Y-you don't mind, do you?" asked the terribly nervous human boy.

It required very little effort for me to hear this boy's thoughts. The kid was so nervous and unsure of himself that my receptivity became flooded with his less than settling mental messages. I caught slight mental impressions at his numerous and overwhelming troubles, such as how he had to distract his dad to come here, his bribing my manager just to get in, and his coming here to determine whether he was truly gay or not.

"I have a strict policy," I replied. "No humans. Sorry."

"Oh... okay then... thanks anyway," muttered the human boy.

Utterly rejected, he shuffled his feet and turned around to depart. He seemed so incredibly dejected and sulky that I was a little unnerved.

Without thinking, I called after him, "Hey... umm, errr..."

"...Yeah?" The human had a hopeful glisten in his delicate eyes. It was strangely... heartwarming.

"I can make an exception every now and then," I gestured, translating my unsure expression into an inviting grin. "Climb on."

I was presented a delighted smile in return.

The human boy unbuckled his belt and excitedly removed his garb, exposing a flawlessly slender body, smooth uncovered flesh, tiny indentations of ribs, and tiny pink nipples. Then, I took my scrutinizing lower and found an adorable erection, with a pink head, at about five inches long. Normally, any penis would be tasty, or hot, or sexy, or whatever. However, the only adjective I had for this boy's penis was adorable. It was honestly adorable.

Although he wasn't a client within my comfort zone, he was definitely the best looking boy I had encountered yet in all my years of prostitution. Oddly, I found myself wondering what his name was; although I dared not ask. He was already a nervous wreck, and I had no intention of worsening it.

In a manner shy, feeble, yet eager, he climbed on top of me. Timidly, he expressed his uncertainties, "So... uh... do I-"


"Yeah, go ahead," I interrupted, almost anxious now.

"Um... should I be wearing a condom... or anything...?"

"Nope, just go ahead," I replied, with an increasing anxiousness.

Just as the human boy was about to raise another question, I spoke, "Just go ahead."

"You have a mind reading 'extra', don't you?" he asked, curiously.

"Haha, no, you're just predictable," I laughed, speaking the truth. Telepathy was not my 'extra'. "Go ahead, bud. You're ready to go."

I heard a nervous exhale from behind me, then felt warm hands placed on my hips. Shyly, the human boy shuffled forward and positioned himself to his liking. I, then, heard an adorable little gasp just as the lovable penis was inserted into me. Slowly, much more slowly than the usual geezers, the thin yet capable penis was pushed into my hole. Once all the way in, the human boy leaned his slender chest on my back and gave me a quick peck on the back of my neck.

"That's okay, right?" worried the boy, obviously not aware of the fact that he was not supposed to care about a prostitute's likes or dislikes.

"Yeah, yeah, of course," I encouraged him. "You're doing great. Just enjoy yourself, go on."

More expressively, and clearly beginning to take pleasure in himself, the human boy slid his adorable penis in and out of my anal canal. In that extremely slow pace, the boy had his fun. I, myself, enjoyed it quite a bit as well. It was the first sexual experience where I had fun. Not sexual fun. This might sound a little off... but it was adorable fun. Almost innocent. I know! I know! There's nothing innocent about it, but it seemed that way.

Being the amateur that he was, the human boy came pretty quickly. As he began to spasm, I made sure to thrust my butt back to meet his penis. He grunted, he whimpered, and then, once it was over, he giggled. This boy was adorable. I have no other description for him. Simply adorable.

"I came inside, I hope that's-"

"Yeah, it's okay. It's fine. No worries," I said, becoming familiar with his little timid and apologetic quirk.

He, then, lay lethargically unmoving on top of me, not wanting to depart just yet. In that position, we rested, and enjoyed the quiet.

"I'm Frankie," he said, out of nowhere. I smiled to myself at hearing this. He actually did look like a Frankie.

"I'm Greg," I greeted.

"W-would it be okay if I came back tomorrow night?" he asked, "I'm leaving the night after and... I... uh... I had-"

"I had fun too. I'll see you tomorrow night," I interrupted with a smile.

The human boy, Frankie, lowered himself to look at me face to face, and then kissed me on the lips. Having that done, he gathered his clothing and left, leaving me in an oddly uplifting mood.

After years of tasteless whoring, meeting Frankie was a very heartening occurrence. It was a nice change of pace. Though, little did I know, along with this boy came a romance and a hardship I was by no means prepared for.